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In-Person Courses

Learn how to Cleanse, hydrate, style, define and cut natural hair & curly hair professionally in one of our in-person courses. We offer the courses in different locations across the globe to help you take your skills to the next level!

Is group sessions not your thing? no worries we got you! We offer our Natural Curl Love Certification in person class also in one-on- one sessions in The Netherlands and in the UK

One on one Sessions

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Learn From Our Master Educator

Whether you are new to natural hair, textured hair, tight curls and curly hair or you are looking in to enhancing your skills in hydrating, defining, styling and cutting of natural hair and curly hair take our one on one in person class being taught by our Master Curl Specialist.

In our one on one sessions, you will learn everything you would from our in-person group  courses, but it is a VIP class with you Alone having the ability to stop and ask as many questions and gain as much clarity around any topic as you need.

Just like in our traditional Natural Curl Love Courses, our goal is to have our stylists practice on a real model (real person) and guided on their approach in real time so by the time the session finishes, you are Natural Curl Love Master and specialist!