About Our Courses

Our Natural Curl Love courses are specifically design to help you build your craft and artistry of working with natural curly, tightly and coily textured hair. It is also to help you understand the WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT behind the care and styling of all natural hair and curls. This way you will be able to take proper care of your clients hair, get great High definition styling results and give them great hair cut or shape.

This course aims to take away much of the frustration you have by educating you once and for all.

Become a Natural Curl Specialist.

Do you have a fear of transforming your natural hair and curly client’s hair from dry brittle dehydrated hair to beautiful hydrated high definition curls? Or do you want to improve your skills in styling, defining, and cutting textured hair?

Enhanced your skills in hydrating, defining, styling and cutting of natural & Curly hair.

Join Natural Curl Specialist Afua of Amour Hair & Beauty in one of our Natural Curl Love pro stylist’s classes and learn how she does it all from start to finish. Learn the theory behind effective hydrating, styling, defining and cutting on natural hair or curls And then bring all of it into practice.

Why take our classes!

In my 10+ years of being a stylist I have been to and taking many classes, some well thought and some not. And so my goal for setting up the class in this way is that when you leave the class you will be able to put everything learned into practice immediately. 

If my work inspires you then come and learn how I do it all. In this live workshops I will be showing and teaching you how to hydrate and cut your clients hair from start to finish. I look forward to seeing you in our Natural Curl Love pro stylists classes By Amour Hair and Beauty.

We Are Appreciated By Stylist Around The World

Inspiring & Empowering More Professionals

Our goal is to help you become an experts in caring for natural hair and curly hair.